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It’s Women’s day in South Africa on the 9th August. For those who don’t know the history, this is the day in 1956 that approximately 20 000 women marched on the Union Buildings in Pretoria to throw their weight behind the abolishing of the pass laws attached to the apartheid era. They claimed their power as citizens of this country and made their stance.  It is during this demonstration that the phrase “You Strike a woman


Posted by admin on  July 1, 2021
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With South Africa being placed in another lockdown period and us pondering what the future holds, I cannot help but think about what the past was like too.  And with this thought I started contemplating the state of our Nation.  It’s not a happy thought. Poverty is rife in South Africa, we live under constant threat of crime and we are really not sure what the future holds. Yet we go about our daily business

Budgeting The Kakeibo Way

Posted by admin on  May 12, 2021
Category: Useful Resources
What is Kakeibo?The Kakeibo Journal is a Japanese method of budgeting to help you keep track of your spending and savings.It was first popularised by Motoko Hani, Japan’s first female journalist, back in 1904. How does Kakeibo work?It’s simple really, if you take 10 minutes every day to concentrate and make notes of how you have spent, you are likely to pay more attention to what you spend. It is a mindfulness exercise. The Steps

DIY Divorce

Posted by admin on  May 5, 2021
Category: Useful Resources
Whilst Up To Me are not advocating for divorce we do recognise that there is a huge need for information regarding DIY divorces that can help save couples many thousands of rands. This is another document by the amazing Charlie Bezuidenhout Hollingworth that makes the understanding of the process easy. As always, should you wish to contribute to the work done by Charlie in a volunteer capacity you are welcome to do so through any
This incredibly comprehensive guide will give you all the information you need to know about Protection Orders. “Knowledge is Power” and when you are trying to navigate a system that sometimes seems impossible to understand and at the same time you are fearing for your life, or on an emotional roller coaster, it is useful to be as prepared as possible.Again we thank Charlie Bezuidehout-Hollingworth for her hard work in putting this all together to

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