Our Current Programmes

Programme 1/2022
GETC Certificate Training: Business Practice together with coaching  and healing therapy

15 beneficiaries
Starting date 1 March 2022

We have adjusted the requirements for the beneficiaries of this programme to be specifically for residents of Wolwerivier in the Western Cape. Wolwerivier is a forgotten community with much potential and after working with the community for the last 6 months we have come to realise that the potential here is unlimited.  All our beneficiaries need is someone to teach and guide them, to be there as continued mentors and to open their networking opportunities for them.

Beneficiaries will have to meet all the standard qualifying criteria as well as:

  1. Have access to an android device at minimum.
  2. Have a grade 9 qualification or equivalent literacy.
  3. Location requirements: Wolwerivier
  4. Stipends will be paid, funds permitting and on individual assessment

Applications will open as soon as funding has been fully secured
There is no cost to the beneficiaries (contributions are welcome)

Apply Now

Fund raising target: R200 000 (R20 000 per learner)

Additional donations of previously loved laptops/notebooks required

We also require:

  • A data provider
  • A mental wellness coach specialising in Emotional Freedom Technique or TRE (c)
  • Individual coaches prepared to work with the beneficiaries to ensure their entrepreneurial successes