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In an age of information overload, it makes sense that the only way to counter overload is with focus. Information competes for attention. Focus hones the attention on what is important. But achieving this clarity and focus seems nearly impossible when everything around us is clambering for our attention. I loved watching Marie Kondo, on Netflix. For those of you who have not watched it, it is a short series on how to de-clutter and
For the legal definition of gender based violence and domestic abuse, how to go about obtaining a protection order as well as how to strategise an exit, Charlie Bezuidenhout-Hollingworth has put together another simple and extremely easy guideline that provides clarity and hope for a better tomorrow.Charlie grew up in a home with an abusive father and she has spent much of the last 2 years putting together practical and easy guidelines to assist victims
The journey of Self or Personal Mastery is a life long one and one of the greatest gifts we can ever give ourselves. • Personal Mastery is our ability to realise that life, people and situations are multi-faceted and that our opinion and perceptions (cognitive bias) are but one part of the bigger picture.• Personal Mastery allows us to make space and allowances for many possibilities, incorporating or discarding them after additional thought and analysis.

The Double-Bind

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I have been thinking about how many of our African women are in business but don’t see it as such.  The “Antie” doing catering for community events and making enough money to feed her extended family.  The “Gogo” watching the kids after school for the neighbours and her own grand children, the seamstress who is the “go to” when beautiful creations are required.  The flower seller, the vegetable hawker. All these informal businesses are still

Understanding Parole

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Another brilliant contribution by Charlie Bezuidenhout-Hollingsworth. This document helps us to understand what the parole process is and how we as either victims of crime, or family of victims or even just the general public, can play a role in these hearings. Know your rights! Being raised in a home where violence was the order of the day, Charlie spends much of her free time actively researching and producing material that will help survivors, carers