Up To Me Ambassador

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Up To Me Ambassador Haroldene Tshienda. Asking Haroldene to be an Ambassador for Up To Me did not come lightly. We had been searching for the ideal person who espoused all our values and had lived our vision and more..

Our Vision: is to implement sustainable programmes that help every abused woman in South Africa reclaim their dignity and independence.

Mission: we strive to do so through a 4 pillar approach for the women of Mzansi

  • Providing formal learning and qualifications
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Emotional well-being and healing workshops
  • Networking and resource assistance

Haroldene you are living proof of a Powerful Queen. A woman who has overcome abuse on a personal and systemic level. Born to humble beginnings you have stood up more times than you have fallen. May our beneficiaries today look to you as a true Mentor and see the possibilities within them. May you go from strength to strength and continue to take a multitude of women on your journey with you. We thank you for standing proudly beside us and we applaud you for humility and kindness in the face of success.

Haroldene has just launched her 7th Book Titled, I AM NUMBER 7

The Versatility and Resilience of a QUEEN!