Up To Me (252-589 NPO) provides medium and long term entrepreneurial educational support to the women of South Africa who have suffered at the hands of abuse. Gender Based Violence inclusive of intimate partner abuse, rape and femicide has been touted as a South African national pandemic. Added to this, women are still on the losing end of economic inequalities and in many instances, due to past institutional injustices, the majority of our women are stuck at the lower end of the socio-economic scale, grappling with living conditions which include gangsterism,  alcohol and drug abuse and violent crime on a daily basis.

Up To Me also celebrates the resilience and strength of our “Mammas” , “Aunties” and “Tantes” who have bravely continued to do the best they could and in many cases against all odds, managed to break free from the shackles of society creating opportunity for themselves and their families. We have huge respect for these strong, hard working women of Mszanzi!

We believe, we too can play a large role in doing more to help improve the lives of the nearly 52% of women in this country living below the poverty line, in conditions which continue to drain their strength and destroy their quality of life. Therefore in line with the United Nations 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals, Up To Me are concentrating on Economic Empowerment of Women (with preference given to women who are experiencing abuse) through the following programmes, which include:

  • Formal learning and qualifications
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Emotional well-being and healing workshops
  • Networking and resource assistance

Up To Me strives to encourage gender equality through the creation of sustainable economic empowerment.  Our target group of beneficiaries are indeed the women of South Africa, but in the interest of true gender equality and depending on demand, we will occasionally allow for the inclusion of all members of society who find themselves in abusive situtations.

My Chance, My Change!

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